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Face And Body Wash - Bliss Spa

Face And Body Wash - Bliss Spa

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Designed for daily use, the Bliss Spa face & body wash is a non-drying cleanser curated with natural ingredients that gently clean, exfoliate, nourish and balance skin oil for smooth, fresh and healthy skin. A fusion of herbs, pulses, nuts & flowers freshly sourced and powdered in the right texture to cleanse, exfoliate and offer you an enjoyable & refreshing bathing experience, with no sulfates to worry about.

This unique formula, inspired by Ayurveda and developed by traditional medicine experts effectively exfoliates & cleanses the skin while giving you soft & smooth skin. Crafted for regular use, the Bliss Spa face & body wash has ingredients to offer you all round skin care. Regular use will balance, tone and retexturize skin, helping reduce the appearance ageing signs on skin. It helps fight skin conditions and helps lighten scars, black spots & suntan. Cooling and refreshing, this soap free wash leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed with noticeably smoother & glowing skin and a divine & mood uplifting fragrance.

No fillers, preservatives, sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals or harmful chemicals have been used in the preparation of this luxurious wash.


Mix 1-2 teaspoons with milk or rose water or water to form a paste. Apply to moist skin, scrubbing gently as you apply. After a few minutes, lightly massage as you rinse for a refreshing experience.


Night Jasmine, White Turmeric, Green Gram, Tanner’s Cassia, Nut Grass, Gooseberry, Liquorice, Holy Basil, Basil, Hibiscus, Spanish Cherry Flower, Davana, Sweet flag, Babchi, Soap Nut, Aromatic Turmeric.

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