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Hairfall Nirvana Value Kit

Hairfall Nirvana Value Kit

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Presenting the Zuame Hair Nirvana Regimen comprising a nourishing hair wash and a strengthening hair pack. This hair regimen:  

  • Has been crafted by expert doctors with deep knowledge of individual herbs and their samyoga (combining specific herbs so that they are more effective when used together),
  • Has been constantly refined and improved with over 2 decades of research
  • Has proven its efficacy over the years with hundreds of people enjoying victory over their hair loss
  • Trusted by leading Ayurvedic hospitals and doctors, the hair care regimen comes highly recommended for addressing hair fall.
  • Be assured, the regimen is entirely safe, clean, certified organic, contains no nasties, and come with no harm to Mother Earth.

This hair regimen brings to you remarkable benefits over other hair fall control products:

  • This is a completely natural regimen, so that you never have to worry about what you are putting on your hair or scalp and any after effects later in life.
  • The products are certified organic, so you can be assured of product quality.
  • The products are used and trusted by leading ayurvedic hospitals and doctors, you can draw comfort from the fact that the products are safe and will benefit your hair.
Developed by Doctors after extensive research, the specialty of this product lies in its key ingredients.
Deep Nourishing Hair Pack
  • Jojoba & Argan for silky strength
  • Fenugreek & Neem for follicle power
  • Hibiscus & Indigo for bold, black magic
Gentle, Effective Hair Wash
  • Shikakai & Soap nut for gentle cleanse
  • Rosemary & Bay for scalp stimulation
  • Gooseberry & Curry leaf for healthy shine

Recommended Regimen

As a part of the Hair Fall Nirvana Regimen, we recommend you wash your hair twice a week with the Zuame Hair Wash and use the ZUAME Hair Pack once a week.

Using the Zuame Hair Pack:

Mix the contents of the Zuame Hair Pack sachet with water to make a thin paste and apply evenly on scalp, gently massaging in circular movements. Leave on hair for half an hour. Wash thoroughly with the Zuame Hair Wash.

Using the Zuame Hair Wash:

Mix as required with water to make a thin paste. Apply evenly on wet scalp, gently massaging in circular movements and on hair. Leave on for a few minutes & wash thoroughly.


Hair Pack: 

Jojoba • Argan • Rosemary • Bay • Almond • Avocado • Henna • Neem • Indian Pennywort • Aloe Vera • Fenugreek • Gooseberry • Hibiscus • Curry leaf • Holy Basil • Indigo • shallots •

Hair Wash: 

• Jojoba • Argan • Rosemary • Bay • Almond • Shikakai • Soap nut • Bermuda grass • Fenugreek • Curry leaf • Gooseberry • Black cumin • Indigo • Hibiscus  •

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