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LIMITED OFFER: Claim your FREE hair fall hero kit (Value Rs. 200) before its gone! 

Are you sick and tired of watching your hair go down the drain?

Is your reducing hair volume worrying you?..

Don’t worry.. we’ve got your back!..

Hi, I am Soumya Suresh Pagadal, Founder of Zuame Wellness and we bring to you a completely safe & natural kit that’s made to stop your hair fall in 7 days –  a Rs. 200 value for FREE.. Just pay Rs. 49 for shipping and we’ll ship it to you anywhere in India.. We are giving away only 200 kits at this price strictly on first come first serve basis.

Interested? Please read on…

There’s this amazing hair regimen you should know about! A regimen that is natural, yet effective; sensual, yet therapeutic: the Zuame Hair Nirvana regimen, emerging from decades of research by expert doctors, to combat your hair loss.

Hi, This is Soumya, founder of Zuame wellness. If you look at me now, you would suspect that I’ve always had great hair.  But the truth is I wasn’t always this way.  I had years of continuous hair fall and my hair volume was worryingly thin and thinning fast. The shower drain was my confessor, with the remnants of tales of lost battles – clumps of my beautiful hair surrendered to an unsees foe.  Chemical shampoos, masks, regimens were my defense, and promises turned into heart breaks, and natural remedies fleeting whispers of disappointment.

 Wispy strands mocked me back – the mirror, a battlefield won by hairfall. Chemicals and Nature, both empty promises. Desperation led me to an expert in traditional medicine who had developed a magical regimen to reverse hair fall, among other extremely useful beauty secrets.

Once I started on the regime, my hair fall slowed down, strand by strand, replaced by whispers of courage of new hair pushing through barren patches. My reflection, once a judge, became a witness – raven hair flowing free, a waterfall of victory.

The change echoed – friends, family, all mirrored my pain, seeking my secret formula. We wove hope from ancient secrets, watching smiles replace tears, lives transformed with confidence from their glorious hair... And with the feedback coming from the hundreds of women worldwide, I knew this wasn't just my miracle; it was a symphony of hope playing through lives reborn.

I am sharing this regimen to make a difference in the lives of as many women as possible, as I empathise and understand the deep pain and low confidence associated with hair issues. You don’t have to suffer your hair fall any longer.. 

Presenting the Zuame Hair Nirvana Regimen comprising a nourishing hair wash and a strengthening hair pack. This hair regimen:   

  • Has been crafted by expert doctors with deep knowledge of individual herbs and their samyoga (combining specific herbs so that they are more effective when used together),
  • Has been constantly refined and improved with over 2 decades of research
  • Has proven its efficacy over the years with hundreds of people enjoying victory over their hair loss
  • Trusted by leading Ayurvedic hospitals and doctors, the hair care regimen comes highly recommended for addressing hair fall.
  • Be assured, the regimen is entirely safe, clean, certified organic, contains no nasties, and come with no harm to Mother Earth.

 This hair regimen brings to you remarkable benefits over other hair fall control products:

  • This regimen is a completely natural regimen, so that you never have to worry about what you are putting on your hair or scalp and any after effects later in life.
  • The products are certified organic, so you can be assured of product quality.
  • The products are used and trusted by leading ayurvedic hospitals and doctors, you can draw comfort from the fact that the products are safe and will benefit your hair.

Now, you may feel that the products are too good to be true; we have listed answers to questions frequently felt by our customers and people considering the hair care regimen:

1. What is this Hair regimen?

The Hair regimen is a combination of 2 carefully crafted creations: Zuame Hair Wash – a shampoo in powder form and Zuame Hair Pack – a hair conditioning & strengthening mask. These are all natural, certified organic and are made by experts with over 2 decades of deep expertise in Indian system of medicines & herbs and extensive experience in bringing them together to treat and remedy key beauty issues faced by Indian women. These 2 creations work together to strengthen your hair & scalp and stop your hairfall*.

2. What does this trial kit include?

 The hair regimen trial kit includes

 Zuame Hair Wash – 2 packs x 2 grams – each good for 1 to 2 washes for medium length women’s hair

Zuame Hair Pack – 5 grams – single use pack

 We recommend using the wash once every 3 days and the hair pack on one of these days before the hair wash.  Instructions on how to use the hair wash and hair pack are part of the hair regimen trial kit. 

 3. How do I know your product will work?

 To take the guess work out of your decision, we are willing to send a sample of this ancient & proven regimen free, so that you can try it out without stepping out from your home and decide yourself. Just pay a subsidized packaging and handling fee of ₹49 (less than the price of a good Coffee or minimum charge in an autorickshaw!), you get to try the regimen in the comfort of your home! (₹89 fee for COD requests).

 4. Why are your products so expensive?

We understand that some people may feel our products to be more expensive compared to others. Our products are made from the finest ingredients, handpicked at a particular time of day to enhance efficacy, ethically sourced, hand made, with years of careful research on bringing together the confluence of herbs (called samyoga in Ayurveda) to address your hair fall issues.  Decades of careful research by our team and their world class body of expertise help to bring you products that make your fall in love with your beautiful hair, again.  A small price to pay for the confidence and the peace & safety that only ancient wisdom based natural products can bring.

 5. Is your regimen safe for chemically coloured hair?

 Our hair regimen works to reverse hair damage to hair from chemical colours. You may witness fading colour or increased hair fall on the first use. However, over a period of time, we have seen hair fall reduction to a large extent.

 6. Is your regimen safe for straightened hair?

The high heat and strong chemicals used in Keratin treatments risk making your hair dry, brittle & prone to breakage easily. We suggest you consult your doctor before you use our products on chemically damaged hair. Our Gentle Cleanse Shampoo would be a good choice for damaged hair.   

7. Will your hair regimen dry my hair?

 Although our products have proven effective in 1000’s of people, some of our customers have observed that their hair tends to be dry sometimes. In such cases, we recommend that you oil your hair lightly with Zuame Hair Care Oil or other safe oils a few minutes before washing your hair.

 8. Will your regimen clean my scalp or inflame it?

Our regimen is packed with herbs known to gently cleanse & nourish the scalp and hair follicles. After reaching 1000’s of customers, we have not heard of any such feedback. In fact our customers tell us that dandruff gets cleared in just a few applications.


We want to help reverse hair fall in as many women as possible & bring their mojo back.  However, this being a free offer with no strings attached, we cannot have an unlimited open offer. Currently we have a limited number of kits that we are offering until stocks last. So hurry, book your hair regimen trial kit now before this offer ends!

This introductory offer is for the first 200 registrations, strictly on first come first serve basis until midnight on 10th January 2024. Offer shall automatically close once we reach the 200 customers or strictly at midnight on 10th January 2024.

The hair regimen kit, valued at Rs. 120 is FREE for the first 100 customers on a first come first serve basis. We ask you to bear a subsidized handling and delivery cost of Rs. 49 so that we can deliver the products to wherever you want it to be delivered (in India). Cost for Cash on Delivery is Rs. 99.


We are offering you a coupon for buying a regular sized Hair Nirvana Kit (Hair  wash & hair pack kit at HALF PRICE (valued at Rs. 380). Use Coupon “ZHALF” to avail this offer within 30 days of paying for the trial kit.

INCREDIBLE, IS IT NOT… We want to make your choice as easy as possible so that you can give the all natural world class hair regimen a try.

 To Summarise, in order to make this trial a risk free decision for you, in addition to getting the trial pack worth Rs. 200 for FREE, you get bonuses worth Rs. 380 with this offer, for a no commitment trial of the product. We ask you to just bear a subsidized shipping and handling cost of Rs. 49, just to deliver the product to a location of your convenience (within India, Rs. 99 for Cash on delivery).

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