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Body Butter - Skin Moisturising Cream

Body Butter - Skin Moisturising Cream

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Embrace a Symphony of Softness

Envelope your skin in a symphony of softness with ZUAME Body Butter. Let our decadent formula drench your body in rich, nourishing moisture, leaving it velvety smooth and intensely hydrated. Infused with the goodness of traditional Indian plant science, our body butter cream delivers a luxurious experience that your skin will adore.

Indulge in a moment of tranquility as you apply the body butter cream, savoring the luxurious texture as it envelops your skin in a cocoon of nourishment. Revel in the opulent fragrance that lingers, transforming your self-care routine into a fragrant journey of relaxation and indulgence.

Key Benefits of Body Butter Moisturizing Cream

Deep Moisturization & Moisture Lock: 

The rich and velvety formula delivers intense and long-lasting hydration, wrapping your body in a cocoon of moisture that leaves your skin feeling irresistibly soft, supple, and well-nourished. The rich formula creates a protective barrier, sealing in moisture and preventing dryness throughout the day.


Lotus and other natural ingredients in the body butter help heal minor irritation and restore skin comfort.   

Restores Elasticity:

Embrace a newfound sense of elasticity as our Body Butter Cream works its wonders on your skin. The cream's powerful blend of nourishing ingredients enhances skin elasticity, promoting a firmer and more youthful appearance.

Soothes Dryness:

Bid farewell to dry, flaky skin as our body butter cream soothes and relieves dryness, restoring comfort to your skin.

Sensory Delight:

As you apply the cream, delight in the enchanting fragrance that accompanies it. Immerse yourself in an aromatic journey of delight, as the cream's captivating scent envelopes your senses, offering a sensory escape that lingers on your skin throughout the day.

How To Use This Moisturizing Cream

● Take a dollop of ZUAME Body Butter Cream on your palms.
● Massage the cream onto your skin, focusing on areas that require intense moisturization.
● Allow the cream to absorb into your skin fully for optimal hydration.
● Use the Body Butter Cream daily, especially after bathing or showering, to keep your skin soft and smooth throughout the day.

Why Choose Zuame Body Butter: Your Skin Deserves the Best!

✨ Nourish and Pamper Your Skin

Say goodbye to dry, lackluster skin, and embrace the touch of luxury with our nourishing body butter. Infused with a powerful blend of natural ingredients like Lotus, Rose, Aloe Vera, and more, it's like a lavish feast for your skin! Watch your skin transform into a velvety haven of moisture and silkiness.

✨ Bid Farewell to Acne Woes

Tired of pesky acne ruining your confidence? Fear not! Our Zuame body butter comes to the rescue with its anti-acne properties. Unleash the beauty of clear, blemish-free skin and seize the day with renewed self-assurance.

 ✨ A Symphony of Fragrance

Ever dreamt of enveloping yourself in a captivating floral embrace? Prepare to be enchanted by the sensuous floral fragrance that accompanies every application. Trust us; heads will turn as you leave a trail of allure behind!

✨ A 100% Natural Love Affair with Your Skin

We believe in giving your skin only the best! Zuame Sensuous Luxury Body Butter is your skin's new BFF, crafted with 100% natural goodness. No harmful chemicals, no parabens - only pure nourishment from Lotus, Rose, Saffron, Aloe Vera, and a blend of skin-loving vitamins.

✨ Dry Skin, Meet Your Match!

Calling all dry skin warriors! Our body butter is here to save the day. Your search for a body cream for dry skin or a body butter for dry skin ends here. Wave farewell to parched skin and embrace the gift of deep hydration. With Zuame Sensuous Luxury Body Butter, dry skin will be a thing of the past.

The Precious Ingredients of Zuame Body Butter Moisturizing Cream

Indulge in the rich world of skincare as we introduce our exquisite body butter, meticulously formulated with a blend of nature's finest ingredients, each boasting unique benefits derived from Ayurveda and ancient Indian plant science. These time-honored elements have been carefully chosen to nurture and revitalize your skin, offering a holistic and rejuvenating experience.


Lotus - An ingredient of Body Butter CreamA revered symbol of purity and spirituality, brings more than just symbolic significance to this body butter. Its moisturizing and soothing properties work wonders on the skin, leaving it refreshed and radiant.

Rose Extract

Rose Extract - An ingredient of Body Butter Moisturizing Cream

Cherished for its captivating fragrance and therapeutic qualities, delicately balances the skin's natural oils while hydrating and revitalizing it.


Saffron - An Ingredient of body butter cream

An age-old treasure, has remarkable skin-brightening abilities that add a natural radiance to your complexion, evoking the splendor of ancient Indian royalty.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera - An ingredient of zuame body butter moisturizing cream

A versatile and soothing herb, lends its healing touch to the body butter, calming irritation and promoting skin rejuvenation.

Wheat Germ, Almonds & Jojoba

Wheat Germ - An ingredient of body butter cream

Sweet Almonds - An ingredient of body butter moisturizing creamJojoba - An ingredient of body butter cream

The divine trinity of Wheat germ, Almond, and Jojoba in Zuame body butter deeply nourishes the skin. Wheat germ brings essential nutrients, Almond offers unmatched softness, and Jojoba mimics the skin's sebum, ensuring optimal moisturization without greasiness.

Sandal Wood

Sandal Wood - An ingredient of body butter moisturizing cream

Sandalwood's aromatic essence not only pleases the senses but also bestows a calming effect on the skin, leaving it velvety-smooth and fragrant.


Mango - An ingredient of Zuame Body Butter Moisturizing Cream

,This sumptuous fruit, enriches the body butter with vitamins and antioxidants, providing abundant hydration and nourishment.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A - An ingredient of Body Butter Moisturizing Cream

A potent anti-aging ingredient, combats free radicals, boosts collagen production, and encourages cell turnover, promoting a youthful complexion.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E - An ingredient of Body Butter Moisturizing Cream

A celestial antioxidant, protects the skin from oxidative damage, enhancing its natural radiance.

Embrace the wisdom of ancient Indian plant science with our body butter and unlock the true potential of your skin. Each ingredient has been thoughtfully incorporated to ensure your skin feels pampered, nurtured, and endowed with an irresistible glow.

Body Butter Vs Body Cream Vs Body Lotion

Body Butter, Body Cream and Body Lotion all have one prime goal: to provide and lock in moisture for body skin or face.

Body Butters are a blend of natural butters and oils, making them the thickest and most concentrated of the three. Body butters, sometimes termed as skin butters, are recommended for dry, cracked or sensitive skin or when your skin needs that extra moisturization.

Zuame’s Sensuous Luxury Body Butter, with its exquisite blend of skin loving ingredients is suitable for all skin types and keeps your skin moisturised for a longer time than creams or lotions.

The key difference between a body cream and body butter is body creams include water, making them lighter, and are comparatively absorbed faster into the skin.   

Body lotions or skin lotions comparatively contain more water and are generally the lightest of the three and are quickly absorbed into the skin.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mrs. Sakina M
A great product.

"I applied the body butter just before sleep. when I got up in the morning after almost 5 hours of sleep, my skin was glowing and soft. Before I started with the cream, every other day, I used to get up with dull skin due to lack of sleep. If it works like this, who's not gonna like it... Just giving it some time to show its magic.

Dr. Sheetal K
Made my skin smoother and brighter. Felt scars and blemishes faded away.

I have been using Sensuous luxury body butter cream since 6 months and I personally love the product . I use it at night and it has made my skin smoother and brighter. I feel even the few scars and blemishes have disappeared. I have even stopped any facial which I used to do occasionally as I feel my skin always seems glowing!! Thank u Zuame for this wonderful product.

Manisha M
It keeps my skin fresh whole day.

First thing to point out is it's wonderful fragrance. I have an oily skin, so can't apply any regular moisturizer but this one keeps skin fresh the whole day, I love it. With those all natural lotus, rose & almond extracts.

Mrs. Bhuwana
Must try and use routinely products of Zuame.

I am Bhuwana from Kuwait. My dear friend Shilpa introduced me to Zuame products and I will be ever grateful to her for this!! The products are soo good and they are my best friends now..!! I have tried the Radiance creme, serum, face mask, exfoliating scrub, hair wash and pack, lip balm, body butter and hair oil.. and all are simply the best. The aroma, natural feel and glow are just awesome !! I have started recommending these products to my friends and even gifted the trial packs !! Must try and use routinely products of Zuame !! All the best to ZUAME natural hair and skin care !!

Janice D'Souza
Love Zuame Products

I love Zuame products since the day I was introduced to it. Till today I buy their products as its awesome. To name the show stoppers are the lotus body butter, the gold radiance cream and the serum. Others like the face pack,hair wash, hair oils, rose oil are just too good and no allergy or hair fall. I recommend these products to guys will love it. Zuame hats off. Keep up the good work.