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Face & Body Wash - Flora

Face & Body Wash - Flora

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Immerse yourself in a unique bathing experience with relaxing and uplifting floral fragrances. The Flora Face & Body wash cleanses & exfoliates your skin gently while removing excess oil and works to remove black spots, blemishes and suntan. Leaves your skin with a smooth feel, nice sheen and enchanting floral fragrance. An Ubtan adapted for daily use on skin without prior oil application, this is designed to make your everyday bath a sensual and uplifting experience.


Herbal Powders: Tanner’s cassia, Damask rose, Hibiscus, Spanish cherry flower, Davana, Babchi, Black cumin, Green gram, Soap nut, Sweet almonds, Cardamom, White turmeric.


Mix 2-3 teaspoons with milk or rose water or water to form a paste. Apply to moist skin, scrubbing gently as you apply. Leave on skin for a few minutes. Lightly massage as you rinse for a refreshing bathing experience. Designed for daily use.

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